Over the last 30 years, Doug has been heavily involved the Global Maritime Logistics Industry and the Concrete/ Construction Material Industry.

Doug formed Tidewater Global LLC after seeing a need in the marketplace for someone who could understand both. 

His understanding of material applications and their respective characteristics is value added when it comes to certain material handling, its respective storage and intricacies involving distribution. His knowledge of vessel and barge chartering, various port services and his ability to communicate with stevedores is crucial when delivering a clean product at an efficient cost. 

Through his experiences, he has gained knowledge of various ports, terminals, and stevedores, around the world.  Many times, he has sourced material through his lifelong contacts at quarries and mines around the world.  Many of these products include aggregates, sands, minerals, cement, and other raw materials.  His specialty is in pumice, which serves as a lightweight aggregate.

Doug has been involved with the National Concrete Masonry Association and has been a resource in the areas of manufactured stone veneer and geotechnical fill applications. His many years of experience has earned the trust of his peers and customers in developing creative solutions for complex projects. 

Outside of work, Doug is very involved in his church and was one of the founding members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.  

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